To Here and Back Again

Raised Among Unreached Peoples

Varemi Raikhan was born in Nagaland, India.  A member of the Tankhul tribe, he came to the the United States seven years ago to get an education and to raise funds for a school he had “adopted” in his homeland.  While here, God affirmed a calling on his life—that when he returned to India, he was to devote his life to planting churches among the many unreached tribal peoples living in the Assam region.  Through the guidance of his Pastor, Jason Hilliard of Faith Baptist Church, Duncanville, Varemi  became a very effective evangelist and disciplemaker.

Trained in the USA-Sent Home to India

For the last three months of his stay in the United States, Varemi met on a weekly basis with Pastor Tim Ahlen.  Tim taught Varemi the principles and practice of Training for Trainers, an evangelism and discipleship method that has been used by international missionaries to evangelize many unreached people groups in India.  Through the internet, Tim and Varemi will continue their mentoring relationship  as Varemi begins his ministry back in his homeland.

Unreached People in Dallas

This is but one example of the kind of Kingdom impact that is possible  because of the very diverse population of Dallas. According to Ron Bunyard, North Texas Area Director of International Students, Inc., there are more than 28,000 international students in North Texas. Each one of them is a potential missionary to the unreached peoples of their homeland. Most of them never have a meaningful conversation with a Christian while they are here.

What Do You Think?

Have you ever thought of yourself as a missionary or your  church as a missionary equipping center?  Do you have international students attending your church?  Living in your neighborhood?  Do you think of them as missionaries?  You should!  And if you need help, Forest Meadow Baptist Church is here to help you connect the dots. Pastor Tim Ahlen at 214-403-8283.  Or email him at

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