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Have you ever wanted a do-over? As I was growing up, I played a lot of games where the players took turns: board games like Monopoly or chess; or card games like Hearts (anyone remember Old Maid?). Because I was young and impulsive, I frequently found myself asking for a do-over– a chance at a fresh start because I had made a bad decision, pursued a losing strategy or put a game piece where I really had not intended it to go. Most of the time, I was turned down. NO! You can’t have a do-over. You messed up; now pay the price!
The Bible says a lot about do-overs, because humans have this horrible habit of messing up again and again. We fix up one problem and we give in to another temptation. Or, we are driven by our selfish desires and by the evil that is resident in our lives. We have all spent some time in the pigpen, from which there is no escape apart from somebody giving us a fresh start.

Sometimes You Can, and Sometimes You Can’t

The truth is, sometimes, you can’t have a do-over. You can’t afford the price. Some of your life choices bring you down paths that have irreversible consequences. There is no return from some of the journeys you have taken.
But sometimes, you get a chance to start over. Sometimes, you are given a fresh start. As we enter 2018, God is offering you a fresh start and it’s free of charge. Do you want one? Are you willing to leave the mess you’re in right now and accept the life of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control that God has planned for you?