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Fresh Start Needed

A man wanted to build himself a new house.  He had outgrown the old one and couldn’t find a house to buy that suited him and his wife.  So, he decided to build.  For him and his family, the new house would represent a fresh start.  Everything would be new– the location, the house itself, the appliances, furniture, landscaping, everything would be new but the kids.

Where to Build?

The first thing they had to do was decide where to build.  The man’s wife had grown up on the beach, and she really wanted to move back there.  In fact, she found a lot right in a small town on the gulf coast.  She brought her husband to the location to show it to him.  It all looked nice enough.  There were no other houses nearby, and the beach began not five feet from where the back door would be.  “Imagine how nice it would be to hop out of bed every morning and go for a walk on the beach.  Imagine how relaxing it would be to go to bed each night with the sound of ocean waves breaking on the shore!”

The man had his doubts.  He had grown up in the mountains far from the gulf shore.  The house he dreamed of was one that was tucked away in the mountains, surrounded by trees, and sheltered by the granite crags he remembered from his own childhood. Like his wife, he also found a perfect lot.  Unlike the beach lot, this one seemed to provide a much firmer foundation. He convinced his wife that the mountain location was better for them. The warm days and starry nights and fresh mountain air was just the thing they needed for a healthy life.   “And after all,” he said, “didn’t Jesus say that a wise man builds his house on a rock?”

Is a House a Home?

So they built their family’s new house on the rocky lot. And it provided them with the fresh start they were looking for. It was a solid house.  The foundation was firm. The ceilings were high. The furnishings comfortable.  And it had a picture window in the living room that looked out on the majestic snow-capped peaks of the local mountains.   The couple and their children seemed very happy and secure in their new dwelling place.


But trouble was brewing.  In spite of the fact that their new house was built on a solid foundation, their home was not. Their home was a shambles, and in dire need of a fresh start.  If you want to hear the rest of the story, come and worship with us Sunday.  The message is all about foundations and fresh starts and building lives that last!