December 3, 2017 – December 24, 2017


Advent. After the last prophecies were uttered, the people of Israel waited 400 years to hear from God again.  That’s a lot of time to prepare. What were they waiting for?  Why, the coming of the Messiah, the promised Savior  spoken of throughout the Old Testament!

In the same way, 2000 years after his birth, God’s people find it meaningful to spend a season getting ready for the coming of the Messiah.  We prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. It is too important to confine it to a day or a weekend.  A month may not even be long enough.

We call it Advent.  This year at FMBC, we are spending the four weeks prior to Christmas focusing on Hope, Love, Joy and Peace as worship themes to  prepare us for Christmas.

We hope you enjoy the recorded messages.  Next Sunday, join us live for the entire worship service.  You’ll be glad you did!